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In today’s modern era, almost every house hold has a computer system to use and consequently, almost every family member in that household knows how to use and surf the internet. You may be surprised to find a 4-5 years old kid knows how to surf the internet and play various computer games, that’s the age we are at in terms of technological advancement. And if you are still crawling behind in the past age, well, welcome to the present.

You may be surprised by a study done in the United States in the year 2015 indicating that more than 81% of all consumers conduct a search over the internet before buying in the nearby retail stores. That’s was in 2015, what about in 2017? Of course, the percentage has increased. That’s why it is very important to have a Search Engine Optimized website.

Yes, you have launched your business and you have a lot of strength because of the superb services and goods you are offering, however, the bad news is, you may not stay for long in this competitive market. What? Yes, you read it well and the reason is that you don’t have SEO software. Having your website search engine optimised boosts your business visibility which consequently raises the number of sales and makes you withstand market forces, outdo your competitors and dominate the market.

Basic Factors Used In SEO Ranking

You need to understand that even Google’s algorithm always changes hence you cannot rely on what was used the previous day. Therefore you can focus on just few ranking factors that turn the whole thing upside down. To be sincere, not all ranking factors are equal, that’s why you should focus on just a few.

  • Content

There has been a shift from content focused on keywords to a relevant written content. Therefore, it is no longer a matter of throwing keywords in your content and thinks you will be ranked the best; it’s all about being comprehensive, relevant and well optimized.

  • Using Backlinks

To have an optimized link, make sure it is from an authoritative domain, create a content that people crave for and promote your content.

  • Mobile Optimisation

Many people have shifted website from desktop to mobile version. Make your website mobile friendly.

  • Other technical factors include switching to HTTPS encryption, your headings and anchor text should be relevant

Let’s look at the top 3 three ranking software in the market.

The Best SEO Ranking Software

If you do your market search you will realize that there are many SEO ranking software and every company is claiming theirs is the best. But how can you be sure what they are promising will really be actualized by the software. Well. The first thing that’s really crucial is to know what you want. If you want to report software then you can select reporting tools and ranking software. If you are a beginner in SEO, you must engage your mind for longer than any other tool. The SEO of your website is a process where you analyze every search engine algorithm. There is nothing like free software optimizing your web content and ranking you the best overnight.

You must work with the software for best results. Before buying a software try it yourself since many ranking software programs have trial time; don’t buy because you heard it from someone else. Some of the best ranking software to try out includes:

  1. Advanced web ranking – this is best for those who only want reporting software. It has friendly search at low cost, it can operate on multiple platforms
  2. Agent web ranking
  3. Web Position Gold
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