Introduction to Surveillance Software

Currently, security has become a major issue to each and every individual. If you go to any office, there are a number of guards who are present all through and even CCTV cameras that monitor the office. These cameras are placed at certain strategic positions and require a special team of experts in surveillance. These CCTV cameras are installed with a very important software called Surveillance software. This is the software that monitors behavior, activities or any information in order to influence, manage, direct or protect people.

Surveillance software are of many different types made for various surveillance software applications. They can be accessed online and hence most important to do a research of the required software that will successfully incorporate with your security camera in order for it to track people and more. As a result of the many constraints on the system, it is advisable to do a research of multiple software options for the purpose of having a hint of the required software and the best servicing company. Below are these examples of surveillance software.

Different Surveillance Software Options

  • IntelliCount

This is one of the Surveillance Software made by the Vizualize limited company that is located in Hong Kong. This type of software is designed for use by cameras in counting individuals that are moving in any particular direction across a certain specified field. The program has a capability of using 1-9 cameras per server and having several count points using the same screen. This program is applicable to the doors for the purpose of counting passengers that are entering the bus and exiting it at each stop.

  • 3IRD-3D Infra-red

This type of Surveillance Software is also made by the Vizualize Company. It has made also made for counting people and is similar to IntelliCount apart from some of its unique features. In this software, each moment a person is located through it, the person is labeled as a solid form that is colored making it easy to track the person throughout the bus and even the information concerning their route determined. For the purpose of preserving the anonymity of the passengers, they are with colored shades which are separate. Finally, the 3IRD-3D has an imaging technology which performs better as compared to the IntelliCount in situations of low light.

N/B; IntelliCount and 3IRD-3D can be combined to a third product called Visitor Trends that compiles data that is collected from the software for creating interactive diagrams and charts that makes it easy for organizing and visualizing data by the company. It is possible to export these data to other programs such as Microsoft Excel or any other Business applications that leads.

  • VeriLook Surveillance 2.0 SDK

This type of surveillance software is made by the Neurotechnology Company which provide algorithms software development products responsible biometric recognition, object recognition, computer based, hardware manufacturers and system integrators. VeriLook Surveillance SDK is able to recognize faces for security cameras that are highly resolved to have live video streams. It made to identify people who pass through the cameras and do not want to be recognized.

  • Rhonda Software

This is Software Company that is responsible for designing cameras that are able to track and recognize any human being. One of their software is the PTZ camera which allows tracking of people on a moving camera.

  • RouteMatch

This is a software company that works to integrate all types of bus systems to a computer program. This type of software gathers the data and produces data that determines the passenger ridership information and efficiency