Basics to Web Development Software

Web development software allows creating, editing and updating of web pages by the user. They make it easy for creating content and web page’s layout by either editing a WYSIWYG editor or HTML. Companies that work without these web development software require the availability of a designer for constructing and managing the CSS and HTML framework for their respective website. Also, a majority of them can possess templates and frameworks for assisting in creating their website’s basic structure not forgetting element libraries that have shortcodes or templates for saving time during the process of designing. Web development software makes it possible to import code from other tools such as visual elements or text editors from design tools like vector graphic tools. For a tool to be included in the web development category;

  • Must provide shortcodes or element libraries.
  • Must have a platform for exporting and editing HTML and CSS.
  • Must have web-frameworks or templates that are easy to customize.
  • Must have the ability to publish to the web.
  • Must have tools that are able to visualize design code of the front-end.

Categories of web development software

  • Leaders- This type of web development software have significant market presence scores. They include; Adobe Muse and Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • High Performers- This one is yet to achieve the market scales and shares of the leaders. They include; Coda, Webflow, and RapidWeaver.
  • Contenders- This one has substantial market resources and presence, but their ratings are below the user Satisfaction. They include; Microsoft Expression web and Google web designer.
  • Niche- This one lack the market presence. They include; Coffecup and Espresso HTML Editor.

These categories of web development are discussed below.

Examples of Web Development Software

  • ToWeb- This responsible for determining the outlook and layout of the website. So you can use it to choose favorite images, appropriate colors and customize it as per your needs.
  • Squarespace- This one provides a lasting impression designs that are vital for businesses and more professional.
  • PSPad- This is an essential web development software for programmers and anyone with interest in web design. It makes it possible to work on several documents, allows easy addition of information and allows cross referencing. In addition, it has features that cater for inexperienced and experienced web designers.
  • CoffeCup Free HTML Editor- This type of web development software is good for those who design a website using code. Its features are so unique as compared to other types of free web development software, but it acts as a deal breaker to who are mostly interested in programming.
  • Mobilise Website Builder- This is so vital when in search of something that is easy and simple for navigation. This is because it is considered to be minimalist in nature either on a mobile device or PC.
  • Wix- This type of web development software allows you to access at least 500 designs which have been sub-divided into different types of industries. They also have excellent support.
  • Open Element- This type of software is vital when giving out the direction for your website. It allows editing of your web design so as to provide a correct reflection of your personal style. It also allows creating of a responsive site and creates the most of the SEO.
  • Net Objects- This software is fast and allows creating of a website from scratch. Also, it is known to be so flexible.
  • Digital Trends- This web development software is vital for creating a business website or for representing yourself in the best way.